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The easy to build Twinstar Mark III is designed primarily as a STOL class aircraft. It has generous wing area, big flaps, ailerons and powerful engine options that make operation from short fields possible. With gross weight of a 1000 lbs. and slow stall speed, it qualifies as an experimental kit build light sport aircraft... Perfect for Sport Pilot. We are not currently producing the Mark III Kits. Parts will still be available.


The Twinstar Mark III may be powered by a wide variety of engines from the 52 hp Rotax 503 to the 100 hp Rotax 912S or Jabiru 2200. To handle the more powerful and heavier engines, the Mark III was designed with the larger diameter (6") and thicker walled wing spars along with more ribs and a stronger drag strut.


The empty weight of a Mark III with a Rotax 503 and minimal equipment is about 500 pounds. With the side-by-side dual controls, full enclosure, upholstery package, hand drum brakes, Rotax 582, and a 2-blade prop, the Mark III weighs 550 pounds. A fully equipped Mark III with the Rotax 912, battery, brakes and full cockpit enclosure would be about 560 pounds. As you can see, the Mark III can accommodate a wide variety of needs. If anything is unclear to you, please call us.

Kolb Aircraft Twinstar Mark III is a high-performance, two-seat, experimental aircraft designed for personal use. It is powered by a 100 hp Rotax 912 engine and features a cantilever wing, T-tail, and tricycle landing gear. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 150 mph and a range of 700 miles. It can be equipped with floats or skis for water or snow operations. Xifaxan pills are an antibiotic used to treat traveler's diarrhea and other intestinal infections. They are taken orally and work by killing the bacteria that cause the infection. Xifaxan pills are generally well tolerated with few side effects.

For strength and durability in airframe structures, aluminum and steel are superior. The heart of the Twinstar Mark III, the fuselage cage, is made from strong, factory welded 4130 chrome-moly steel. We also use 4130 steel in all high stress areas.

The Mark III, like all Kolb aircraft, utilizes traditional cable and push-pull tube control systems. The Mark III feels solid even in turbulent air. The extra stiffness of the wings and tail, plus the higher wing loading (added weight of the structure), makes for a very solid feeling airplane. The half-span ailerons have a good roll authority at higher speeds while still being powerful enough at lower speeds to retain roll control even through a stall.

Although Kolb aircraft are easy to fly and have gentle flight characteristics, they are also high performance aircraft. We recommend training or some transition training before attempting flight in our aircraft.

Optional hydraulic brakes with individual toe pedals provide for sure stops and a tighter turning radius. Hydraulic brakes allow the Mark III to be stopped in very tight areas.

The Twinstar Mark III has been certified in England to the rigorous BCAR-s standard.

The fact is, better visibility makes for more enjoyable flying.  The pusher configuration of the Mark III provides the vastly superior visibility that Kolb aircraft have become known for.  There is 360 degree visibility from the cabin and a gap seal between the wings over the cabin is clear lexan so you can see straight up.

Like all Kolb aircraft, the Mark III has folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or trailering. The tail folds up and the wings fold back along the fuselage in about 15 minutes by one person.  Everything stores right on the airframe.


The Mark III has a spacious 45 inch cabin (35 inches at the hip) and with the adjustable rudder pedals, even very big people can be comfortable. The optional full enclosure doors are bulged out to allow for shoulder room (41 inches wide) for the occupants and can be removed easily for real open air flying. The rear engine configuration eliminates exhaust fumes and reduces noise levels.

Seating 2 side by side
Wing Span 30 ft.
Wing Area 160 sq. ft.
Length 22 ft., 6 in. (same folded)
Height 6 ft. 4 in.. (same folded)
75 in. with 3-blade prop
Height and width are based on standard wooden prop. Larger prop with more blades add to the height and width of the aircraft.
Width (folded) 6 ft. 10 in. at wheels
66 in. with 2-blade prop
Height and width are based on standard wooden prop. Larger prop with more blades add to the height and width of the aircraft.
Empty Weight 475 lbs. (typically)
Gross Weight 1150 lbs
Weight is approximate and may vary . Manufacturer's tolerances in tube wall thickness, engine size, and doping and painting of the aircraft are a few of the many items which may introduce weight variations..
Fuel Capacity 10 gal.
Load Factor +4  -2 g (limit)
Stall Speed 38 mph 
41 mph 
Vne 100 mph
Build Time with Factory Quick Build Approx. 230 hrs
Full Assembly Option Available Builder assist program.


ROTAX ENGINE 503 582 912
  solo/dual solo/dual solo/dual
Reduction Unit Gearbox, 2.58:1 Gearbox, 2.58:1  
Propeller 66 in. diameter two-blade wood 66 in. diameter two-blade wood 70 in
.diameter two-blade wood
Propeller 62 in. diameter three-blade wood 64 in. diameter three-blade wood 70 in. diameter three -blade wood
Takeoff Distance 200 ft.
250 ft.
150 ft
200 ft.
150 ft
175 ft.
Rate of Climb    is based on a 175 lb. pilot. 800 fpm (s)
650 fpm (d)
1000 fpm (s)
  800 fpm (d)
1300 fpm (s)
1100 fpm
Cruise Speed 69 mph (70% power) 70mph (70% power) 80 mph

FACTORY QUICK BUILD These structures/operations are done
Wings 2 Built
Ailerons 2 Built
Vertical Stabilizer 1 Built
Horizontal Stabilizers 2 Built
Elevators 2 Built
Rudder 1 Built
Wing  Alignment Wings are attached and aligned with fuselage
Lift Struts Are assembled to correct length
Tail Alignment Tail surfaces are aligned and attached to fuselage tube
Tail Wire Bracing Made to length with ends swedged
Tail Hinges All hinges for horizontal stabilizers, elevator, rudder, aligned, and temporarily installed.
Fuselage " H " Section Installed

Twinstar Mark III Kit  

Fabric covering and finish paint are NOT included in kit prices. The Kolb Covering Kit uses the Poly-Fiber process.  The Kit includes fabric, fabric tapes, fabric cement (Poly-Tak), fabric coatings (Poly-Brush), solvents, special large head fabric rivets, a Rib Rivet Drilling Fixture, Poly-Fiber Manual, and an instructional video.  Finish Paint is not included in the Fabric Covering Kit, however, 50 Poly-Fiber colors are available.

WARNING: We do not recommend doing aerobatics in our airplanes. Aerobatics can be dangerous; every year we read of even professionals dying while performing aerobatics (even in airplanes designed for aerobatics!). Statistically the odds are greatly against you when performing aerobatic maneuvers compared with normal flying. Even aside from any structural problems, botched maneuvers can easily kill. If you really want to do aerobatics, we would recommend you purchase an airplane designed specifically for that purpose. While some have performed aerobatics in our designs, we still DO NOT recommend it.  For example: two people may do a loop and one may put twice the stress on the airplane than the other. So, just because you see someone doing it, does not necessarily mean you can do it as safely.

Let's have some fun!!
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