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Our most popular aircraft, the Mark III Xtra embodies all of the design features and flying characteristics of our Mark III Classic. It is easy-to-build and easy to fly. With its gross weight of 1000 lbs. and slow stall speed, it qualifies as an experimental kit build light sport aircraft... Perfect for Sport Pilot!

Kolb Mark III Xtra Sitting Ryan Faulkner
Pictured above is Ryan Faulkner sitting in a Kolb Mark III Xtra.

The Mark III Xtra is aerodynamically designed to offer increased speed. With the expertise of Barnaby Wainfan, enhancements were made to the fuselage section of the aircraft which generously offers an additional 10-15 mph cruise speed of 80 mph with the Rotax 582, and 90 mph with the Rotax 912.


The welded chrome-moly steel fuselage cage provides the solid feel of a "real" airplane.  For strength and durability in airframe structures, aluminum and steel are superior.  The heart of the Mark III Xtra, the fuselage cage, is made from strong, factory welded 4130 chrome-moly steel. We also use 4130 steel in all high stress areas.  All Kolb Aircraft utilize traditional control systems, cables and push-pull tubes.  Mark III Xtra wings have rigid truss ribs and a massive 6" aircraft aluminum wing spar.  Covered with Stits aircraft covering, there is no comparison!

The doors/windows are removable which makes for great summer flying.

Although Kolb aircraft are easy to fly and have gentle flight characteristics, they are also high performance aircraft. We recommend training or some transition training before attempting flight in our aircraft.

Like all Kolb aircraft, the Mark III Xtra has folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or trailering.  The tail folds up and the wings fold back along the fuselage in about 15 minutes by one person. No tools or brackets are required Everything stores right on the airframe. Many of our customers fold and unfold their airplanes routinely every time they fly -- year after year.  This allows for money saving compact storage at the airport or at home.


Tony O'Neil's Kolb Mark III Xtra with wings folded.
Pictured above is builder Tony O'Neil's
Kolb Mark III Xtra.

Optional toe pedal brakes provide for sure stops and allow a tighter turning radius.  The flaps and ailerons and optional brakes allow the Mark III Xtra to be landed, stopped and maneuvered in very tight areas.

Additionally, the modifications made to the fuselage (an added 12" in length) resulted in more cockpit space, more baggage space, and more leg room. The cockpit ergonomics have been modified moving the instrument panel closer to the pilot. The larger windshield area adds even more to the already outstanding visibility offered by Kolb aircraft.

Barney Barns' Mark III Xtra
 Pictured above is Barney Barns' Mark III Xtra in South Carolina.

Flaps  are standard equipment and decrease the stall speed by 4-5 mph, but more importantly, allow for very steep descents without building up excessive airspeed.  This is exactly what is needed to drop into a short field or for an emergency landing.



STOL performance, roomy cabin, superior visibility, sturdy construction, quick folding wings and tail, superb handling and the ability to carry large people and pay loads. What you get in addition is increased speed, more cabin room, and more visibility. The full enclosure doors are modified to swing forward to facilitate easier entry and exit of the aircraft.
Seating two
Wing Span 30 ft.
Wing Area 160 sq. ft.
Length 24 ft. (same folded)
Height 6ft. 4in. (same folded)
Height and width are based on standard prop. Larger prop with more blades add to the height and width of the aircraft.
Width (folded) 6ft. 10in. at wheels
Height and width are based on standard prop. Larger prop with more blades add to the height and width of the aircraft.
Empty Weight 500 lbs. (typically)
Gross Weight 1100 lbs
Weight is approximate and may vary . Manufacturer's tolerances in tube wall thickness, engine size, and doping and painting of the aircraft are a few of the many items which may introduce weight variations..
Fuel Capacity 10 gal.
Load Factor +4 -2 g (limit)
Stall Speed 38/41 mph
Vne 100 mph
Build Time Approx. 450 hrs.
Factory Quick Build offered by Custom Air Approx. 230 hrs
Full Assembly Option Available Builder assist program with Custom Air.


 ROTAX ENGINE 582 912 912s
  solo/dual solo/dual solo/dual
Reduction Unit Gearbox, 2.58:1    
Propeller  68 in. diameter two-blade 70 in. diameter two-blade 70 in. diameter two-blade
Propeller 66 in. diameter three-blade 70 in diameter three-blade 70 in. diameter three-blade
Takeoff Distance 150' (s)
150' (s)
175' (d)
150' (s)
175' (d)
Rate of Climb
is based on a 175 lb. pilot.
1000 fpm (s)
  800 fpm (d)
1300 fpm (s)
1100 fpm (d)
1300 fpm (s)
1100 fpm (d)
Top Speed 90 mph  100 mph 100 mph
Cruise Speed 80 mph   90 mph  90 mph

FACTORY QUICK BUILD These structures/operations are done
Wings 2 Built
Ailerons 2 Built
Vertical Stabilizer 1 Built
Horizontal Stabilizers 2 Built
Elevators 2 Built
Rudder 1 Built
Wing  Alignment Wings are attached and aligned with fuselage
Lift Struts Are assembled to correct length
Tail Alignment Tail surfaces are aligned and attached to fuselage tube
Tail Wire Bracing Made to length with ends swedged
Tail Hinges All hinges for horizontal stabilizers, elevator, rudder, aligned, and temporarily installed.
Fuselage " H " Section Installed

FireStar IIS

(subject to change)

Fabric covering and finish paint are NOT included in kit prices. The Kolb Covering Kit uses the Poly-Fiber process.  The Kit includes fabric, fabric tapes, fabric cement (Poly-Tak), fabric coatings (Poly-Brush), solvents, special large head fabric rivets, a Rib Rivet Drilling Fixture, Poly-Fiber Manual, and an instructional video.  Finish Paint is not included in the Fabric Covering Kit, however, 50 Poly-Fiber colors are available.

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